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Dec 03

Why Gold Coast Home Owners Choose to Tint Their Homes

Beautiful one day, unbearably hot the next, Gold Coast residents know just how hot the summer can get which is why tinted windows is a great idea to make your home cooler, more secure, and help curb those rising energy bills.

Top Reasons to Tint Your Home Windows

Here are some reasons why Gold Coast home owners choose to tint the windows of their residential premises and details on how a home window tinting service from Mastertint could help you achieve the same benefits.

1. Block up to 99% of harmful UV rays from the sun and reduce heat

Reduce heat from the sun from penetrating your home by up to 80%. This will help reduce the need to crank up the air-con or fans in summer, making it an energy efficient solution for your home.

2. Tinted windows act as an insulator

Tinted windows also act as an insulator, trapping up to 35% of heat inside you home during the winter – it’s a product that works for you 24 hours a day, all year long! Your energy bill savings will add up over the years and our home window tints are built to last the test of time. Blocking UV rays also helps reduce the fading and deterioration of furnishing, flooring and equipment over time as well as reducing glare.

3. Increase privacy

A home window tint can increase the privacy of your home without compromising your view and tinted windows will look very modern and stylish in comparison with drapes, curtains and blinds.

4. Reduce damage to furniture, carpet and fixtures

Getting your windows tinted also helps to prevent UV rays gradually fading and deteriorating your furniture, carpet and other equipment over time. We also offer frosted versions of our privacy range of films that you can use to accent your shower doors and glass cabinets.

5. Improve Aesthetics

On top of all these benefits, a quality home window tinting job also looks great and adds value to your home!

How Mastertint Can Help

Quality Products that will stand the test of time

Our home window tinting is built to last and we offer a lifetime warranty against peeing, bubbling, cracking, de-metallising and discolouring. A Mastertint tint will improve and protect your home for life, as well as adding value to your property and saving on energy bills.

Windows treated with our tinting services will also be more secure as we make sure our products meet international safety glazing standards.

Tinting your windows will also help the glass to hold together in case of an accident, flying debris or break-in and prevent sharp pieces of glass flying around the room in case of an incident. This can be especially handy if you have young children running around the home. 

Contact the Experts

We currently have five Mastertint stores on in the Gold Coast area, to help serve all your Gold Coast home window tinting needs. We also offer window tinting to Gold Coast businesses, for extra security and privacy for your organisation while providing employees with a cooler place to work.

Give us a call or come visit our friendly staff at our Burleigh, Oxenford, Parkwood, Southport and Tweed Heads stores. Your home will thank you for it – especially during the summer!