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Mar 24

Which Bluetooth Car kit is best?

            There is a large range of Bluetooth car kits available these days that vary in features and price.  Parrot Bluetooth car kits are one of the best systems on the market and can be seamlessly integrated into most vehicles.  So what is the best option for the average user who wants to avoid an expensive fine?

One thing to note is that you no longer need to have a specialised cradle that holds your Samsung Galaxy or your Apple iPhone for a Bluetooth car kit to work well.  As smartphones change so rapidly in these modern times, having a dedicated phone cradle can be overkill for anyone other than a sales rep or an Uber driver.  Now you can have your phone connected without having to take it out of your pocket.

A basic Parrot Bluetooth device can be purchased for less than $200 and has incredible features such as voice commands to make, accept or reject calls, dual phone connection, automatic activation and the device is easily removed from one car to another.

Other Parrot Bluetooth car kits are hardwired into the vehicle and perform better than some factory systems.  They automatically mute the stereo when a call is in progress; it also directs the call sound through the front speakers only so passengers in the back seat don’t have to listen at full volume.  The MKi range of Parrot car kits can also stream music from your phone via Bluetooth and the Parrot Asteroid range allows web connectivity with a range of Apps that include weather, Facebook and Spotify to be accessed through an LCD screen installed into the dash of your vehicle.

If you are in the market for a high quality Bluetooth car kit, check out the range of Parrot Bluetooth systems and be sure to have it professionally installed to insure you keep the Parrot warranty.