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Sep 30

The Summer Heat has Come Early

The hot Queensland sun has once again come to town early and with it hot car seats, over worked AC’s and sunburnt arms.  Now is the time to get your car tinted and protect not only you and your family, but the car’s interior too.

Mastertint has a large range of quality films that over excellent heat rejection and UV rejection to keep your car cool and looking good. 

Have old tint that’s not doing the job? Get it removed and replaced with a high quality window film that can reject over 60% of the suns solar energy.  Having your vehicle re-tinted can be done in a day and won’t break the bank.  It can help reduce the running costs of the vehicle associated with running the AC too hard and improve visibility if the film is bubbled and distorted.

Try our new Ceramic insulator film!  This amazing window tint stops an incredible amount of heat without the need for the film to be too dark.  Ask now about this prestige film and receive a discount for all full car tints booked before the end of October.