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Dec 08

Mastertint Underwood

The Mastertint stores in your area can have special offerings that make each store unique and able to provide the best products and services around.

Mastertint Underwood is currently offering the high grade CXP window film at an amazing price!

CXP (Carbon XP) is a non-metal, nano technology carbon film that is guaranteed not to fade or bubble; it will not interfere with electronic signals and has a great non reflective black look.

The CXP film has one of the best heat rejection specs on the market offering not only direct heat rejection from the hot sun, but also IR (infrared) heat rejection.  This IR heat rejection means the film will act as an insulation layer to the glass on your car preventing the ambient heat from seeping through the glass.

This high quality window tint is a great choice for people who spend a lot of time on the road or if the cars AC just doesn’t quite reach the rear of the car.  The heat rejection the CXP film provides can normally only be achieved with metalised films, but with CXP, it will not affect radio or GPS signals that are received through antennas in the rear windows.  It will also never fade, bubble or delaminate which can happen with metal hybrid window tint.

Call the Underwood store today on (07) 3808 4800 to get a quote on what it will cost to protect you and your loved ones this summer season.