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Dec 15

Mastertint Tweed Heads

Mastertint Tweed heads is our only store that is an authorized applicator for Ceramic Pro. The world’s leading permanent protective coating.

Weather you have purchased a brand new car, or a second hand one, a motorbike or Jet Ski. Ceramic Pro can protect your investment like no other. With packages to suit every budget, Ceramic Pro is for everyone.

Utilizing the latest in nanotechnology Ceramic Pro chemically and permanently bonds to the clear coat on your vehicle, and unlike other waxes or polishes won’t diminish or wash away over time. In fact once Ceramic Pro is applied to your vehicle the only way to remove it is with abrasive polishing or sanding, ensuring your high gloss finish lasts for years!

Ceramic Pro produces unmatched gloss and smoothness for that everlasting shine and once applied, the clear coat on your vehicle becomes UV and chemical resistant. Contaminants like industrial fallout and bug splatter can no longer damage your clear coat due to the high chemical resistance and high gloss finish. These and other contaminants simply and easily wash off time after time.

With a high self-cleaning effect your vehicle will stay cleaner for longer than traditional waxes or polishes, and the permanent adhesion of Ceramic Pro means you will never again have to spend hours on a weekend polishing your car. Enjoy gloss and shine on your new vehicle better than when it was new, and with Ceramic Pro you will enjoy it not just for months, but years to come.

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