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Jun 29

Mastertint Burleigh

Mastertint Burleigh is our Gold coast stores alarm experts.  The Mastertint team at our southern Gold Coat store has over 25 years of experience in automotive alarm systems.

Every car built since 1996 has come with a built in immobiliser, however this does not guarantee your car or the possessions inside are safe.  The guys at Mastertint can provide you with a range of alarm systems that cover basic protection all the way up to advanced factory upgrade systems.

There is something for every car and every budget.  The alarm systems that Mastertint offer can include keyless entry, shock sensors, battery backup sirens and turbo timer compatibility just to name a few options.

Have a late model car? Not a problem, Mastertint can install a factory upgrade alarm system that will provide additional security with the convenience of using the original vehicle remote.  No extra remotes to hang of your key ring!  Some of the upgrade features include additional immobilisers, sensors to detect impact or movement and high grade sirens that will alert anyone to a break in.

The team at Mastertint Burleigh can also help with protection to Ute canopies and hard tops.

Don’t let yourself worry about your car being parked outside on the street any more.  Contact Mastertint and get a quote on protecting your pride and joy today!