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Aug 16

Keyless Entry

Keyless entry is the function of locking or unlocking a vehicle without the need to insert the key into the door lock.  This normally operates the central locking within the vehicle so that one click of a button can allow access for everyone at once.  Most cars these days have keyless entry as a factory fitted device, modern cars even have transponder remotes which automatically lock and unlock the car as you walk away or approach.

As a car gets older sometimes the remote buttons begin to wear out or are sometimes lost all together, factory remotes are often expensive and will need coding which can also incur an extra cost.  Having aftermarket keyless entry installed into your vehicle is cheap and easy.  It will also come with 2 new remotes which is often less than the price of just one new remote from the dealership.

Mastertint offers keyless entry for less than $200 and the high quality Mongoose system has rubber buttons which take longer to wear out and a rubber seal within the remote to protect it from moisture.  This system is compatible with most makes and models of vehicles and can be installed within 2 hours.  For a small additional cost, the boot popping function can also be installed for certain car models.  If your car has never had keyless entry before, that’s not a problem, as long as the vehicle has full central locking, remote keyless entry can be installed.  Your vehicle doesn’t have central locking? No problem that can be installed too and connected to the keyless entry unit.

So next time you lose a remote or if it decides to just stop working, call the team at Mastertint to get a new remote keyless entry system installed.   Units come with a 12 month warranty and workmanship is guaranteed.