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Mar 15

The Commonweath Games are Coming to the Coast

The Commonwealth Games will be starting next month and the team at Mastertint are looking forward to the excitement and energy that will envelop the Gold Coast.

All Mastertint stores will be open during the games and we hope that you will take advantage of our store locations if you are attending any events.  Check with your local Mastertint for any Games specials when enquiring about new tint or protection packages for your vehicle.

Try booking in your car for its tint job on a day you have an event to watch then catch public transport from there, it may save you the cost of parking your car for the day and when you return you will have a comfortable ride home without the glare and heat to contend with.

If you are working during the Games and will be dropping your car off to be tinted, remember to allow extra travel time and if you are running late, let the store know so you don’t lose your appointment.  If possible drop the vehicle off the day before to eliminate the stress.

Call Mastertint now to get a quote on window tinting, reverse cameras and protection packages. 

The team at Mastertint hopes everyone has a safe and successful Commonwealth Games and we wish the athletes the best of luck.