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Dec 20

Christmas Time and Summer is Here

Mastertint would like to thank everyone that has helped us make this year such a positive and successful one.  We have been happy to help people save money on protection packages, keep the heat out of their cars and help protect their family and vehicles with reverse cameras and sensors.

If you are going away this year check the condition of your tint before you go, it may be a good idea to have it replaced to ensure maximum heat and UV rejection.  We can remove old film if it has bubbled or distorted so that it won’t inhibit your vision.  If you have purchased a new car then having it tinted before you go is a must.  Don’t let you or the kids get sunburnt before you even get to the beach and while you at it get the interior protection applied to prevent food and drink spills from staining your new upholstery.

Christmas is here and with it the season for road trips and holidays.  Mastertint can install head rest DVD players and in dash multimedia units that can help entertain the family on those long boring car drives. Most of our DVD players even have built in games and come with wireless head phones so that mum and dad can enjoy the drive in peace.

Have a safe and happy holiday and Mastertint looks forward to serving you in the New Year!