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Nov 03

Beat the Heat this Summer

Summer is almost here and the heat can already be felt.  Don’t put up with the hot sun burning your arm and face while driving to work or the beach this summer.

Applying a quality window tint will protect you, your passengers and your car’s interior from harmful UV.  You don’t even need to have a dark tint applied to your vehicle to achieve significant heat rejection.  A high quality window film will stop 99% of the UV and can even reject around 70% of the heat from entering through the vehicles windows.

Have an older car with a worn out AC? Car tinting can help with that.  By applying a good window tint to your vehicle you can reduce the amount of time needed to cool the car, lower the fan speed to keep it cool and save money on excessive fuel costs related to the AC running at high power.

Does your car have old faded or bubbled tint? It may not be as effective as it once was.  By having the old film removed then replaced with a premium window film you can once again feel the effects of a window tint that rejects high amounts of heat and UV.  It is likely that the newer film is made using the latest components with the latest technology providing the best in UV and heat rejection you can get.

Beat the summer rush and enquire for a quote to have your car, Ute or SUV tinted today.  It will not only keep you calm and cool every time you drive, but it will make your car look great!