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Jan 27

About Mastertint's Home and Office Tinting Services

Give your home or office the full Mastertint treatment and you can save on air-con and heating bills while increasing your privacy and security 24 hours a day, 365 days a week.

Home Window Tinting

Our home window tinting service blocks the sun, not your view, and can stop up to 99% of harmful UV rays from penetrating your windows. It also helps to greatly reduce that extra heat and glare radiating through your home or office during sunny days.

UV rays can also do damage to your carpet, furnishings and equipment over time, causing them to fade –home window tinting keeps your house looking fresh. While the benefits of reducing UV rays, heat and glare are obvious during the hotter seasons, house and workplace window tinting can work for you 24 hours a day, all year round.

The thermal barrier on our films not only block heat during hot days, they help prevent it from escaping during the colder months. House window tinting can trap up to 35% of the heat inside your home, helping keep you cosy in winter and keeping your home at a more optimum balanced temperature, no matter what the weather.

Getting your windows tinted is a great way to save on energy costs all year round – if your roof can be insulated against the elements, why can’t your windows? Our services can also add that extra level of privacy to your home or workplace, making it harder for people to see in without compromising the view for those inside.

Residential window tinting also looks great and will give your home a cleaner, more modern look compared to blinds, drapes, awnings and sliding shutters while still providing privacy.

We have a range of tints, colours and reflective levels to suit your home or business and can cater for a wide range of budgets.

Lasting Protection For Your Home

Getting your house or workplace windows tinted also provides an extra layer of protection as well as helping to protect them from scratching. We make sure our films meet international safety glazing standards which helps to hold the glass together in case of accidents.

This shatter-resistant tinting can reduce the chance of glass related injuries from flying airborne shards, which is especially helpful when you have little ones that like to run around. It also helps strengthen your glass against break-ins and vandalism.

It’s not just windows we can service – we also offer frosted versions of our privacy range of films that can accent shower doors and glass cabinets.

Professional Service and Quality Products

All our home window tints are professionally installed by our team of experts. Because we believe in our service and the quality of our products, we offer a lifetime warranty on our residential window tinting and a 10-year warranty for our commercial window tinting. This warranty covers peeling, bubbling, cracking, de-metallising and discolouring, ensuring your windows will look good as new all year round.

To improve your home or workplace with a professional home window tinting service, contact our friendly staff at one of our six Mastertint stores.